Sunday, July 1, 2012

Great Dad!!

I am truly blessed with a great Dad!! He has always been the most patient, reliable and wonderful man I've known! With three daughters (four girls in the household including my Mom) I have always said he has the patience of Job and have only hoped that I would have as much patience as he has shown throughout the years! :-) As I get older, mine is waining. :-0 ( Or maybe I'm just less tolerant of poor, rude, selfish behavior in humankind? )

Dad, thank you for being the great man that you are! For your patience with all of us, your indescribable love for your wife and kids and for always putting your family first before your own wants and desires.... and for loving your grandkids the same way you love us! Thank you for your hard work, then and now, and for your love, direction and support through all our years! Don't know what we'd do without you and Mom! Hope we are living our lives with atleast half of what you have demonstrated throughout yours. Love you!!

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