Thursday, May 31, 2012


Tonight is the last chance to order Retired product! Don't miss your chance to get those items you wanted, that you put off getting!

They are going......going......soon to be gone. :-(

BUT, we have some marvelous items to look forward to June 1!! Yeh!!!!

Keep checking back........ :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Rose for Mom!

My dear Mother's birthday is upon I am determined to have her card to her ON TIME this year!! I have been soooooo bad about getting cards done and mailed out to my friends and family in any kind of timely fashion. It's just terrible! I know it would be so easy to just buy a card off the shelf and send it, but I can't bring myself to do that!! Besides, they all know I make them, and I feel they'd be offended if I sent a store bought just get their's REALLY late sometimes! :-(

Well, here's the card I made for my Mom! She enjoys sitting down and making her own cards.....however she gets really frustrated through the design process and says she has a hard time coming up with ideas (she has real good ideas of her own, just lacks confidence.....and maybe a little patience sometimes..Lol) so, I tried again with a 'simpler' cleaner look that might inspire her and not seem quite as overwhelming to make! :)

I hope she likes it!! :-)

Happy Birthday, Mom!! Thanks for being the wonderful Lady that you are and for all your love an support through the years.....especially the support and encouragement in my need to be creative....whether its been drawing, painting, flower arranging or interior decorating! You kept me going and gave me the confidence to create!!
Love you!!