Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's HERE!!!

YES! YES! YES!! The new Holiday catalog is here and it's absolutely amazing!! You'll LOVE so many of the stamp sets and die cuts....and papers...and accessories!! :-) Whoo Hoo!! :-)

Here's a sampling of some wonderful sets and stamps!

Oh, Those Scraps!!

How many of you start cards and they just aren't flowing like you thought, or you have leftover pieces or scraps that you can't throw away so you toss them in a box for later on? :-)  I do! LoL!

Well, here's a challenge for you! :-) Dig out that box of scraps and stamped images and make a card out of the odds and ends you haven't used! I FORCED myself to do it the other day and it was quite the challenge for me! And now, I have a few less odds and ends! :-) Yeah!!

Here's what I came up with. Now, have fun with your challenge! :-)
I'd love to see what you come up with! Send in pictures of your scrap challenge, and I'll post them on my blog as more inspiration for others! :-) Get your pictures to me by September 10th and I'll do a special post that following week to showcase them! You can find my e-mail address at this link:  Don't forget to include your name, and if you have a blog, your address as well, so I can share who created each card!
Thank you for being willing to share your ideas with others!