Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Morning Coffee!!

I know I am not the only coffee addict out there! Right?
I'm not a 'drink coffee all day' type of gal....I just want full throttle first thing in the morning. I do that with 3-4 shots of espresso. :-) Lol. That's not SO bad, is it?!

So, for those of you that enjoy your coffee and espresso as much as I do.....here's a card for you!! It's super easy and simple in design....and with me being a Starbucks addict, it seemed fitting to do the card in their colors. :-)

I really like this little coffee set....think it's cute as can be and very versatile to tea or coffee drinkers!
It's called "Morning Cup."

Now, go make a cup of coffee and sit down to relax and create!! :-)

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