Friday, February 17, 2012

Weirdly Winter

Are all of you having as mild of a Winter as we are here in Virginia? It's been mostly in the 50's and 60's!! ......Until last Saturday, when a freakish winter storm blew through......complete with blowing snow (40mph) winds and thunder and lightning. It was incredible! The ground and cars were covered in less than 10 minutes! It left as quick as it came, and by Monday we were back in the 50's. Woke to sunny skies and about a half inch of snow coverage. Kids were stoked!! They decided to spoon snow off the table outside and pour Sierra Mist over it before taking a bite! lol. Home-made slushy-on-a-spoon, I guess. :-)

Here's some pics of the playful (and cold) kiddos!

Carson and Alana


Rachel, Gabe and Carson

Fun had by all! It looked beautiful and I think I might have had my fill of Winter's temps that weekend! :-)

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