Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break in Florida

Rachel and I scooted down to Florida for her Spring Break. It's been a great trip! I got to finally see my little sister and her adorable pregnant belly....unexpectedly re-connected with a family friend from Highschool...and got to hang out with my parents, middle sis and niece and nephew.'s been a great trip so far! Haven't done any stamping lately, but will post another challenge and some ideas for you when I get back! For now, I thought I'd share some pictures of our time down here:
How do you like this beach! Isn't it gorgeous! Look at clear the water is....

Look at that cute 'bump'!! Kristy was such a trooper on that warm beach...and she looked adorable! I tried to talk her in to putting on a 2-piece bathing suit....that was out of the question she said! :-)
The cousins! Jonathan, Rachel and Ashlyn...                                                                                               

The Sisters....Penny, Myself, and Kristy!

My Mom took the kids Go-Cart was Rachel's first time. She went around the track with me and then my sister, Penny, before trying it herself. She was quite a bit nervous for her first time by herself (as shown in picture) but quickly caught on and had a blast! She went out one more time, and the final pic is the cousins crossing the finish line and coming in to park. LOTS of fun!

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