Sunday, August 11, 2013

Coffee & Friends!!

Well, if you couldn't tell.....I do enjoy my coffee!
I know....I know....not enough clues on my blog for you to figure that out. :-)
It has to be dark, rich, powerful, fresh coffee! And I'm addicted to Starbucks espresso....I swear they drug their coffee. Its bad when you are travelling, and feel compelled to pull off at each exit you see a Starbucks sign!! Yes.....I have it badly. Lol.
SO....when Stamp'in Up! came out with this ADORABLE coffee set, I was very excited!!!
Hope you get as giddy as I did over it!
Perfect Blend  #131392  $10.95
Clockworks  #127292  $17.95

Chevron embossing folder  #127749  $7.95

Rhinestones  #119246  $4.95


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