Monday, June 7, 2010

School is Out.... Summer is Here!

Gosh, it's been a crazy last few weeks! The school year has to come to an end, and it's been time for my daughter to play! She's having a great time with her Grandparents and looking forward to going to Florida to spend time with her other Grandparents. What a lucky child to be blessed with 2 sets of wonderful Grandparents! If only we all had been so fortunate, right?

Sorry for the delay in posting to my blog. I am in Florida myself, right now and have just found the time to sit down and give you some more card design ideas!

Also, I am an Aunt once again!! My little sister just had her first child a couple days ago.....and he is absolutely gorgeous! It was so incredible to be there for her while in labor. She had a rough go of it, but has been so rewarded with this little guy! Her husband never left her side....he was an amazing trooper through it all....was the perfect spouse in his care for her. I was impressed! You go Fred! :-)

Our new little nephew has been named after my Father's baby brother who died at a very young age. He has been named Timothy Alexander and weighed in at 7 pds 13 oz. I will be posting some pictures soon.

In the meantime, my friends.....Here's a card I made for my daughter's Teachers to Congratulate and thank them for graduating another class! :-) Teachers just don't get enough credit for the time and heart they put into their students. They were kind and generous to my daughter and she loves them dearly.

Ok! On to the card! It's made using 2 of the new sets from the Summer Mini catalog! Hope you enjoy!

I used markers to color in the Graduates feet, and chalk to color in the apples on the black background. All supplies used are Stampin' Up products.

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